3 Things I do when we travel with kids

3 Things I do when we travel with kids

3 things I do when we travel with kids:

⚡️ call family and tell them where we are staying for any emergencies
⚡️Before going into crowded places I take a picture of my kids. I have a weird way of thinking through 581 things and I always think, God forbid, anything happen to my kids or we get separated for some reason, I don’t want to waste time trying to remember what they are wearing. With multiples especially, I can’t remember who has what on. I snap a pic walking in just for my peace of mind.
⚡️always always carry your child’s id card with you when traveling. We make sure we have ID cards, why wouldn’t we think our kids need one?
You can get ID cards made at any DMV if your child doesn’t have a passport.

Maybe it’s me but I never want to have to prove “these are my kids” “they go with me”. There are so many weirdos in the world, don’t allow yourself to ever have to prove who you are and who your children are.

Have you ever thought about these things?

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