Conversations on Planes

Conversations on Planes

You board the plane, cram all your belongings into the foot space in front of you.  The next person boards, crams and sits.  As the plane fills up, at some point you decide if you're in the mood to talk to the strangers surrounding you or not.  You can smile and make pleasantries or put the headphones on and pretend co-existing with other humans is the worst possible senerio.  

This trip, I was headed for an annual girls trip in Florida.  When a gentleman sat down next to me, completing the 3 person row, we all smiled and made a few ice breaking jokes.  As the conversation turned to the typical "what do you do?"  I noticed his pullover had an embroidered logo "FOX" on it.  He proceeded to say he works for our local news station KNWA - affiliate with Fox and that he works with Dan Skoff.  

Who is Dan Skoff?  D.S. is our local chief meteorologist.  One of my triplets is OBSESSED with the weather and all things Dan Skoff!  Since the age of about 4, Driver has been very interested in the weather, storms, radars etc.  Now in 6th grade, he wakes up 45 minutes early every day to watch the daily weather.  

When I tell my new plane mate this information he immediately texts Dan Skoff to set up a tour of the studio. He gave D. S. my number and by the time we landed in Florida I had a voicemail for Mr. Skoff to set this up.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  

When I returned his call to set this up, I was so impressed with how kind Dan was.  His excitement to share his knowledge of the weather is the stuff core memories are made of.  


The takeaway: you never know when a complete stranger will play a role in creating a core memory for your child. If Driver grows up and becomes a storm chaser, this will be why:)


xoxo, Kristal

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