Experience Gift for a 12 year old

Experience Gift for a 12 year old

Birthdays are special occasions that mark the passing of time, and each year brings new experiences and growth. Among the many milestones in childhood, the 12th birthday holds a unique significance. It's a time of transition, as children step closer to their teenage years and start to navigate the world with newfound independence.

Last week our triplets turned 12!

The 12th birthday marks the beginning of the "tween" years, an age where children find themselves caught between childhood and adolescence. It's a period of self-discovery, exploration, and increased awareness of the world around them.

Planning the Day:

We had a party with their friends at an indoor rock climbing gym.  I made a smoothie bar and they climbed for a few hours.  

This is the hard part every year because venues are pricey and they usually limit the amount of kids.  A birthday party at this gym had a limit of 10 kids for the party price.  So each boy invited 3 friends.  We just paid the full climbing price for few extra kids.  Every year we run into this.  Someone should invent party places for triplets:)

The day of their actual birthday is when we planned our May Adventure.  We surprised the boys with a limo ride for 2 hours.  I made a "business executive itinerary" for stops.  

First they had a "photo shoot" for a magazine cover at this really cool art court in town.  Then they had a "lunch meeting" at Chick Fil A.  Since this was a weekday, they had a "meeting" at daddy's work. (So he could see them on their day and see the limo).  That took up the two hours!

After that the last adventure surprise I planned was an escape room.  They have never been to one and always talk about wanting to try them.  The Escape Rooms here have different themes and we chose the "Farm House" theme.  It's timed for an hour and we had to escape an abandoned Farm House that locked us in.  (not really locked) and we had THE BEST TIME! We didn't solve it in time but we are for sure going to go back and try!  It was so creative with secret doors that open automatically with certain clues.  It was well worth it!

When planning an experience gift \ adventure for  a 12-year-old, consider their evolving interests and hobbies. It could be a book from their favorite genre, a musical instrument they've shown interest in, or a craft kit that encourages their creativity. Gifting experiences such as tickets to a concert or a day trip to a local attraction can create lasting memories. The key is to choose a gift that aligns with their passions and supports their personal development.

Planning a celebration that aligns with their interests, we can create a truly memorable and meaningful experience for the birthday boys.

We embraced this special occasion and truly tried to celebrate the unique individual they are becoming.

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