Yes Day

Yes Day

Yes Day is a day the kids decide what we do and the parents have to say YES.
2019 for spring break we did YES DAY.
I’m not going to lie. It was exhausting. It’s 2023 and the boys still talk about this day. So it was worth it.

You don’t have to go to far away places to make memories. These were all local.

The guidelines we set for this day:
⚡️had to be local (no flying or road-trip)
⚡️they each chose 1 activity to do
⚡️they had to agree on the final activity together

⚡️once I had the list of ideas I researched the hours they were open to determine what order we did everything in.

This day we went to a local nature conservatory + bowling + retro arcade + movie + silly string fight. 😳

Have you done a “YES DAY”?
We should do a Parents Yes Day😜

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